Tania Claire

Jewellery and Accessory Designer

Well its been many years now since I started making jewellery…I can remember stealing bits and pieces from my mum's craft bags to whip things up. Mum use to get angry that I would use all her good bits and maybe in her eyes my works of art may of been a little average but I guess I was only nine years old.

From this mum booked me into a class on how to finish beaded jewellery off …like how to put a clasp on … how to make a pair of earrings etc.. That was at Gypsy Bead in North Perth many years ago and as they say the rest is history.

I have both self taught and attended many classes over the years around other roles in my life of being a mum of two young boys and working as a paramedic.

Tania Claire Australia pieces emphasize and magnify the wearer’s natural beauty through rich colours and stunning designs. Many pieces are made with striking lamp work beads that are all hand made by myself with Moretti glass in my own workshop, using techniques to create beautiful beads that produce unique jewellery pieces for the wearer.While always trying new techniques and colours to create the perfect piece of jewellery, Tania Claire Australia jewellery is of the highest quality, as most pieces are accompanied with genuine silver chain and clasps and all glass beads are kilned to industry standards.

 In 2005, my designs were selected to be displayed in a number of European Fashion Shows, including Paris and Ireland.

Tania Claire Australia accessories are unique and local to Western Australia.

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